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okay Cupid’s New Promotion Is Actually Gay AF

I’ll confess: i am a lesbian which likes, like actually, truly,

really likes

the dating website
On OkCupid, I embarked using one
highly enthusiastic event
, engaged in one severe year-long union, had about two to five sensuous late-night hookups, and spent a lot of a night unicamente between the sheets drinking beverage whilst trading titillating banter via text message with cool, hot lesbians from all across


I prefer it over any dating app given that it appears to have much less ladies with boyfriends getting threesomes with unaware dykes like my self.  (Not that there can be everything completely wrong with girls pursuing Sapphic threesomes using their boyfriends. It’s simply not really my personal thing when I have very competitive and territorial during threesomes. Oh, and that I you shouldn’t sleep with guys sometimes. That as well.)

My feels about OkCupid swelled to new levels while I discovered this offer:

Picture by OKCupid Press Kit

Not just can it function two adorable hipster lesbians (we’re trying to puzzle out the symbolism behind the extra-set-of-hands-thing), they will have reclaimed


For people sweet younger things whom failed to see «Jersey Shore» (I’m not sure if these Gen Z children are privy to that unconventional era of MTV? Gen Z young ones, reveal!) DTF means «as a result of F*ck» and ended up being coined by boardwalk bros with spiky locks and a thirst for jet tans. I have been waiting for DTF become reclaimed for quite a while, since it has a truly great

ring to it

, don’t you consider?

DTF in cases like this stands for phrases like «DTFilter from Far Appropriate» and «DTFoot The Bill.» The strategy which founded on January 2nd «empowers visitors to redefine the ‘F’ for themselves.» Different these include: «DTFifty-Five Hour Binge» and «DTFall Head Over Heels.» This campaign also uses OkCupid’s groundbreaking «Trump Filter» (thank goodness) and Planned Parenthood partnership (swag).

The strategy will in addition be offered as an in-app experience, where people are able to react to over 3,000 questions that hopefully enable them to relate genuinely to similar people (that we’m generating staff-writer
Dayna Troisi
do and reveal, ASAP).

Based on OkCupid, «These adverts are part of a more substantial movement OkCupid is causing fight the status quo: a movement to elevate material over selfies in internet dating app society and empower consumers to truly understand some one. Sufficient reason for 22 men and women and 13 intimate orientations readily available for every member establishing a profile, OkCupid is actually serious about bringing in everybody else to its service.»

Hunt, kittens. It’s a
New Year
. It is the right time to get-out indeed there and time, lady. So why not get on many progressive (and inventive) dating internet site but?

Reveal how you feel with this fab queer advertisement inside responses!

company web site


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